Daugavpils, LatviaHappy-go-lucky

Don’t look at the life of someone else. Your life is so rich. You have no time to compare it to someone else. There’s lots of happiness to be had. Make people around you happy and you’re going to be much happier.

Eat, drink, love
I love to eat. I could die for good food. I never drank wine or coffee before coming to Italy. Here it’s so good and so cheap. Now, if I’m having lunch and it’s not with a glass of wine, it’s not a good lunch!

Security guard
Jealousy is a turn-off. I don’t agree when someone says, ‘If you’re not jealous you must not love me.’ It’s the opposite. If you’re jealous, you’re not sure about me and you’re not sure about you. If your born jealous, there’s something wrong with you, darling.

“I want 110 percent of what life offers me,” says Olga de Mar. “Why should we put boxes around ourselves? Just enjoy it. Experience the world.” Our October 2018 Playmate practices what she preaches: In the days leading up to her interview with playboy, Olga crushed photo shoots in Spain, Germany, Portugal and Italy, where she’s currently based. “Usually I’m leaving my house at three in the morning to catch the first flight out and I’ll get back around midnight, which gives me three hours to sleep,” she explains. “But I’m used to it! If I have two days off, I get bored.”

Born and raised in Latvia, Olga got her start in fitness competitions, but she always knew what she wanted to be. “I’ve been posing since the first time I saw a camera. I set up photo shoots with my cousins when I was a little kid.” As it developed, her modeling career was met with a measure of parental doubt. “My mother said, ‘What kind of job is that, posing in front of a camera? Who would pay you for that?’ ” A lot of people, as it turns out. And after stints as a bartender, waitress and housekeeper (oh, and she had a job on a sailboat), Olga went all-in on her lifelong dream.

While she might be described as the jet-setting European supermodel next door, Olga would like to remind us not to judge by appearances. Sure, she speaks seven languages and exudes classic sex appeal, but this woman of the world insists that what you see on social media isn’t the whole Olga de Mar. “My persona is provocative, but in real life I’m soft and simple,” she says. “People expect me in minidresses with eight-inch heels and my hair done, and they’re pleased to discover I’m not that kind of person.” So what kind of person is she? Olga puts it best: “I’m a gypsy.”  CLICK HERE and come see all of me for free!