I live in a borough outside London called Bexley. It’s a nice place, and everyone here is ­really lovely, but it’s a bit quiet—not too much going on. I don’t think I could stay here. I’m all about exploring. When I was younger I secretly wanted to be a model, but I would never admit it to anyone because I didn’t want people to say, “Really? You want to model?” I’m quite shy, and I’ve never been very confident in myself and how I look. I’m also only five-foot-five, so my height has always been an issue. Whenever I thought about trying it, I would think, Nope, they’re going to tear me down.

I went to university in Brighton, which is by the sea and very quirky—completely different from Bexley. I studied theatrical hair and makeup for film and TV, and after I left uni I was on Instagram, looking for makeup work, and photographers started asking me, “Can you model?” I was like, “Uh, I can try.” And it just kind of happened from there.   CLICK HERE and see a sample of me for free.Sophie Oneil