ED is Best Treated with Exercise

Aerobic exercise is nearly as effective at addressing erectile dysfunction (ED) as medications for the condition and is safe and less expensive, a new meta-study finds. The greatest sexual performance gains observed in the study occurred for men with the most severe erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is related to cardiovascular health and can be improved using the same forms of exercise that promote heart health. The study is a meta-analysis of randomized, controlled studies, making its conclusions highly credible. For men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED), exercising regularly can be nearly as effective as ED medications, such as Viagra (sildenafil), in improving performance, according to a new meta-study. The authors say that the benefits of exercise include other sexual performance benefits as well. The study found that men with the most severe ED improved the most with exercise. Erectile dysfunction is measured according to the 30-point International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-EF). Scores of 26 to 30 signify no ED, 22 [...]

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Same-sex Marriages Exist Despite Prejudice

In 1980, college students Lalithambika and Mallika tied their hands together and jumped into a canal in Kerala because they could not bear to be separated. In 1991, two men got married and lived together “as husband and wife” in Thrissur. In 1993, they stabbed each other to death because of “the non-recognition of their marriage”. In 2018, factory workers Asha Thakor and Bhavna Thakor drowned themselves in Ahmedabad for the same reason. The Supreme Court (SC) judgment denying same-sex couples the right to legal recognition of their marriages asks the government to form a committee to “mitigate” discrimination. Let the discrimination continue but make it less severe. What I find somewhat amusing is that the judges go to great lengths to demonstrate their knowledge of the discrimination same-sex couples face but finally decline to intervene (HT file photo) What I find somewhat amusing is that the judges go to great lengths to demonstrate their knowledge of the discrimination same-sex [...]

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I’ve Tried Every Dating Strategy & I’m Still Single

Q: How do you trust your approach to a dating strategy when you don't love the results? I'm 27 and feel like I'm finally hitting my stride with dating in a big city. It's easy meeting new people and I actually enjoy the shared awkwardness of a first date. Plus, I have a great circle of friends whom I can turn to for support and share a laugh with about the tough moments. But lately, it feels like an endless string of sending or receiving some version of that timeless text: "It's been great getting to know you, but I'm just not feeling a romantic connection." Sometimes, it ends after three dates or three months, but it always ends. I'm sure at this point you're ready to cue up the world's smallest violin. I've read stories in this column from folks who are facing bigger challenges and WAY more difficult circumstances and doing it with a courage and strength that [...]

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Erection Leaves Man Suffering With ‘Intense Pain’

A red-faced man landed himself in hospital following a three-day erection. The 46-year-old man swallowed several erectile dysfunction tablets in one go. After failing to go soft, he finally sought medical help three days later. He was admitted to an urgent care center in João Pessoa, north-eastern Brazil, with “intense pain” in his genital region. Due to the severity of his condition, he had to be transferred by ambulance to the city’s Trauma Hospital on Sunday (15 Oct). Images show the man being taken from the ambulance in a wheelchair hooked up to a drip. At the hospital, surgeons made a puncture at the base of his penis and drained the organ. After his condition was stabilized, he was discharged from the facility around 5am on Monday (16 Oct). Urologist, André Brasileiro told local media: “Like any drug, it needs to be used under medical guidance. “There is a bad habit in the population of self-medication, and a situation like [...]

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Revenge Porn Is Back On Legislative Agenda

A serious effort to do just that finally got some traction when former governor Charlie Baker made the banning of revenge porn one pledge in his State of the Commonwealth address. Soon after, the brave survivors came and told their stories. People like Sandy, who had to deal with the emotional turmoil of seeing her nude images on Facebook, the work of an ex-boyfriend. The House moved relatively quickly to pass the measure, the Senate dallied, and the clock ran on — for another year. Get Today in Opinion Globe Opinion's must-reads, delivered to you every Sunday-Friday. Last week, less than a month after yet another public hearing, the Judiciary Committee took the best ideas from at least nine bills filed by members of the House and Senate to put the issues of punishing revenge porn and dealing with juvenile “sexting” back on the table. The new bill makes it a crime to knowingly distribute “visual material depicting another person, [...]

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Viagra in 2023

Looking for a safer and more affordable alternative to treat erectile dysfunction? Natural Viagra might be the answer you've been searching for. With minimal side effects and a holistic approach, many men are turning to natural remedies to improve their sexual performance and overall well-being. Derived from herbs, plants, and nutrients known for their aphrodisiac properties, these alternatives offer a promising solution without the potential risks associated with prescription medications. Natural remedies have been used for centuries in various cultures to enhance sexual health. Understanding Generic Cialis and Viagra Generic Cialis and Viagra are popular prescription drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. These medications have gained significant attention for their ability to improve sexual performance in men. Let's dive into the details of these medications and understand how they work. Popular Medications for Erectile Dysfunction Both generic Cialis and Viagra are known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. They work by increasing blood flow to the penis, resulting in improved [...]

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The Ascent Of The Supermodel

The 1995 film “Catwalk” is a vérité-style documentary about the fashion world during its carefree, hedonistic glory days of the nineties. It explores this world primarily by following Christy Turlington, one of the era’s most recognizable and bankable supermodels. The film, directed by Robert Leacock, is shot largely in black and white, and it features the sort of footage, set to dreamy music, that might make modern-day viewers pine for the unencumbered glamour of celebrity in the pre-social-media era. Turlington and her cohort—fellow-supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Carla Bruni—are pictured in a constant state of air-kissing and waving ciao while gallivanting backstage at Fashion Week or on the set of a photo shoot. In one scene, a young Moss smokes a cigarette and sips what appears to be champagne while having her hair done. In another, the women sway to the music in a dark night club, grinning in bliss. When Turlington checks into a hotel in Milan, [...]

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Forgotten Love Is Heartening, Just Like These 8 Romantic Movies

‘Forgotten Love‘ revolves around the journey of a once-revered surgeon, Professor Rafal Wilczur, who grapples with the loss of both his family and memory. His life takes an unexpected turn when a chance encounter with a figure from his distant past offers him an opportunity for redemption. Amidst the backdrop of professional success within a private clinic, Rafal remains dedicated to his altruistic passion for helping the less fortunate, even as his personal life is marred by unresolved conflicts. Throughout the film, the unwavering love he holds for his daughter serves as a poignant backdrop to his quest for identity and closure. This compelling narrative is an adaptation of the iconic Polish novel, ‘Znachor’ (also known as ‘The Quack’), penned by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz. The timeless story has seen previous adaptations, with notable versions in 1937, directed by Michał Waszyński, and 1982, helmed by Jerzy Hoffman. ‘Forgotten Love’ boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes Leszek Lichota, Maria Kowalska, Ignacy Liss, [...]

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The Perfect Three Way

Three way in the making.  Megan James, aka @megan_a_james on TikTok, has gone viral on the app after sharing the story of a recent date with a guy who brought two other women along, intent on creating “the perfect three way.” The couple gets seated inside at a four-top table, not anticipating somebody will fill the two other seats. Soon, James sees a woman approach the table who she assumes is “the waitress.” “She kind of just looks at me funny and introduces herself just casually,” the influencer revealed. Then, another woman approaches and takes a seat. From there, the ladies start to mingle while their date sits back and watches. Then one of the girls asked how she knew Matthew. “This is our first date. How do you know Matthew?” Megan said. “I thought this was our first date,” the apparent third wheel responded. James later clarified to viewers on TikTok that she initially thought he’d invited his friends [...]

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The Stars Of ‘Sex Education’

Otis Milburn went from a virgin sex nerd to a heartbroken but confident student. Asa Butterfield played Otis in "Sex Education." Netflix First seen: Season one, episode one as the nerdy son of a sex therapist who was uncomfortable with sex and his own body. Last seen: Season four, episode eight as a student sex therapist going through a big heartbreak after his ex-girlfriend Maeve leaves for America. Maeve Wiley went from a rebel student to aspiring author. Emma Mackey played Maeve in "Sex Education." Netflix First seen: Season one, episode one as a rebellious student who is secretly a smart literature student. Last seen: Season four, episode eight studying abroad in America after leaving her boyfriend Otis behind and receiving a call about her book, "Southchester." Eric Effiong went from gay unpopular student to an aspiring pastor. Ncuti Gatwa played Eric in "Sex Education." Netflix First seen: Season one, episode one as a gay, confident but unpopular student whose [...]

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