Chaturbate Shouldn’t Derail A Political Campaign

By now you’ve heard about Susanna Gibson, the nurse practitioner running for the Virginia statehouse who, news outlets revealed, had an account on Chaturbate. I never heard of it either. Honest. It’s a website where individuals and couples masturbate, have sex, and who knows what else. When I logged on to see what this was, I tuned into one couple in their underwear sitting on a couch, not touching themselves or each other, looking as passionate as two delayed passengers in the Amtrak waiting area. Other couples were more, um, kinetic. Gibson, a Democrat, isn’t denying that she had an account on the site where she and her husband engaged in sex. She’s defiantly said she’s staying in the race, and her attorney vows to use Virginia’s revenge porn law to go after whoever leaked it. The mother of two is right to stand her ground. Look, it’s up to voters to decide if sexhibition with your spouse is disqualifying. [...]

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Will The Rains Extinguish Burning Man?

Last Thursday was a typically atypical day at Burning Man—the last before a series of atypically atypical days. It began, for me, with a bike ride with some friends to the Temple for an orchestral performance. Burning Man is named after a large effigy that burns in a raucous extravaganza on Saturday night; the next night, most of the same crowd sits in silence watching a wooden temple, of a different design each year, go up in flames. Beforehand, people fill the Temple with messages, writing on the walls and stapling photos and personal effects to the structure. I wandered inside and perused the community’s contributions. Many of them memorialized lost loved ones, but the ones that hit me hardest addressed the search for self-love. “To my past self,” one message read. “You are more amazing than you realize. We’ve made it.” The note ended with a hint at the future: “See you there. Xoxo.” I was in a receptive [...]

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Naked Bike Ride Brings Hundreds

Hundreds of people in various states of dress -- or undress – set out Saturday for a ride through some of Philadelphia’s main streets and sights for the 14th Philly Naked Bike Ride. The annual ride, which started in 2009, is billed as promoting cycling as a key form of transportation and fuel-conscious consumption. It is also meant to encourage body positivity. Organizers stress, however, that participants aren’t required to ride completely in the buff, telling them to get "as bare as you dare." The course, roughly 13 miles this year, changes annually but generally passes city landmarks. This year, bikers went by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, site of the steps featured in the "Rocky" movies, the historic City Hall, tony Rittenhouse Square and the South Street entertainment area. The ride was to end at Independence Hall. WISCONSIN OFFICIAL FUMES AT NAKED CLIMATE CHANGE PROTEST FOR ALLOWING LITTLE GIRL TO JOIN: 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' Garry J. Gadikian, from Atlantic [...]

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Passages, and 19 Films Earned NC-17 Rating

Another year brings another NC-17 controversy at the movies. This time it’s for “Passages,” the acclaimed romance drama from Ira Sachs that earned strong reviews out of the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Franz Rogowski, Ben Whishaw and Adèle Exarchopoulos (no stranger to NC-17 drama thanks to “Blue Is the Warmest Color”) star in the love triangle drama, which the MPA outrageously gave an NC-17 rating due to the film’s nudity and prolonged sex scenes. Nothing about these scenes are exploitative or even graphic, making the MPA’s decision something of a head-scratcher. The film’s distributor, Mubi, and Sachs rebuked the rating and “Passages” is opening in theaters unrated. “Passages” is the latest in a long line of films that have had to contend with the NC-17 rating, which prohibits anyone under the age of 17 years old from buying a ticket  Last year, it was Andrew Dominik’s Marilyn Monroe drama “Blonde” that made headlines for its NC-17 rating. Despite [...]

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Sex And The City Garbage Boyfriends, Ranked

It’s a debate that will likely haunt our brunches for generations to come: Who was the biggest asshole on Sex and the City? Many of us would likely choose one of the big names—perhaps Mr. Big, or Jack Berger, or Aleksandr Petrovsky. But what about those lower-tier boyfriends, whose names we don’t remember but whose infamy remains permanently seared into our memories? Yes, they were shorter-lived, but Sex and the City was absolutely lousy with porn addicts, manipulators, and Bad Bathroom Etiquette Guys, all of whom played a part in exposing the New York dating scene for the hell it is. Here, for your perusal, is a ranked list of Sex and the City’s irredeemable scoundrels, from least garbage (though still very much trash) to most despicable. Alexander Lemley (Christopher Orr) If dirty talk is your thing, go off. But this guy couldn’t stop yelling, “You fucking bitch, you fucking whore!” every time he came. Poor Charlotte couldn’t handle it, [...]

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Chinese Massage Took on Law Enforcement

Mei Xing’s sex trafficking trial laid bare many secrets of the San Gabriel Valley’s Chinese massage parlors. Each time a masseuse had sex with a customer, Xing collected $40. The masseuse typically made at least twice that much in tips. Xing, who ran three massage parlors, could be a nasty boss, scolding or firing those who crossed her. Streetwise and strong-willed, she trusted no one. Yet she also socialized with many of the fellow Chinese immigrants she employed. At festive meals, they celebrated birthdays, a housewarming and the Lunar New Year. Five of the women ultimately turned on Xing, telling the FBI she forced them into prostitution, then testifying against her at the trial in Los Angeles. Now it was Xing’s turn. Wide-eyed jurors watched her rise from the defense table — her ankles unshackled for the day — and swagger to the witness stand, her salt-and-pepper ponytail bouncing. The clop clop of Xing’s sandals pierced the courtroom’s silence. In [...]

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Passages Characters and The Sex Scenes

When Ira Sachs’ new movie “Passages” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, critics couldn’t stop talking about the sex scenes. The movie, a drama set in Paris about a film director who leaves his longtime boyfriend for a young woman, featured an all-star European art-house cast — Franz Rogowski (“Transit,” “Great Freedom”), Ben Whishaw (“The Lobster,” “Little Joe”) and Adèle Exarchopoulos (“Blue is the Warmest Color”) — negotiating infidelity and betrayal. And having graphic sex. Those scenes led the M.P.A. To give the film a surprise NC-17 rating. The filmmakers opted to release the film in the United States without such a classification, a move that may limit the number of theaters willing to show the film when it comes out on Aug. 4. There has been fierce debate in recent years about the role of sex scenes in movies. Following the MeToo movement’s reckoning with gender inequality and sexual misbehavior, some have asked whether it is [...]

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Porn Star Offers Polarizing Marriage Advice

Former porn star Mia Khalifa stunned social media on Thursday morning when she offered her thoughts on marriage, insisting it’s "not a sanctimonious thing" and simply "paperwork" while encouraging women to leave their men. Khalifa, a Lebanese American performer who was once PornHub’s highest-ranked adult star and famously received threats from ISIS for wearing a hijab while shooting a sex scene, has pivoted to a career as a social media influencer. She offered her thoughts on marriage, comparing herself to NFL great Tom Brady, who won seven Super Bowl rings during his career. "I am Tom Brady at this game. Married at 18. Divorced at 21. Second marriage. Married at 25. Divorced at 28. Third engagement. Engaged at 29. Ended it at 30, but I kept the ring. I’m still keeping Tom Brady on his toes," Khalifa said. FORMER PORN STAR FROM VIRAL HIJAB SCENE SPEAKS OUT Mia Khalifa was once PornHub’s highest-ranked adult star. (Edward Berthelot/Getty Images) "We should [...]

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Semen Retention

Some people choose to practice semen retention for mental, physical, or spiritual benefits. It involves avoiding ejaculation and orgasming without ejaculation. Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation. You can do this by abstaining from sexual activity altogether, of course. Or you can learn how to orgasm without ejaculating. Although it may sound like some wild new fad, the practice is probably as old as humankind. People have different reasons for trying it, from physical to emotional to spiritual. Keep reading as we explore some of the potential benefits of semen retention, how it’s done, and whether research supports the theories behind it. Semen retention might seem like a modern concept, but it’s only because websites and forums have made it easier to discuss such things openly. In reality, it’s an idea that’s been around a long time and is actually part of some ancient practices. People give a variety of reasons for their interest in semen retention, including [...]

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Bodypainting Instead of Clothes

Across from a Pret a Manger near Union Square Park, Nicolette Barischoff held still as an artist painted an open blue eye across her sternum on Sunday. It was around 88 degrees and a crowd had assembled around them to observe the Across from a Pret a Manger near Union Square Park, Nicolette Barischoff held still as an artist painted an open blue eye across her sternum on Sunday. It was around 88 degrees and a crowd had assembled around them to observe the bodypainting. But the temperature and the audience did not faze Ms. Barischoff. Nor did the fact that she was naked. “It’s a very Zen experience,” she said, as photographers snapped pictures from behind police barricades. “This is my fishing.” Ms. Barischoff, 38, a writer in Los Angeles, was among the 60 people who had paid $100 to become mostly nude human canvases for 40 artists during NYC Bodypainting Day, a public art exhibition that has been [...]

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