First Date Tips

First date tips that might help you plan your first encounter:  Just do dinner! There's a reason a dinner date is a classic. With no distractions other than something delicious, dinner is a great way to bond with a new potential partner.  Cook together - Go on a grocery run together and whip up something yummy.  Go for a stroll - Walking around can be an excellent way to get to know someone better.  Walk shelter dogs - If you both love animals, this could be an excellent way to spend time together while also doing something good for your community.  Get breakfast - Breakfast dates are an excellent way to start your day off right. This could possibly lead to a lovely day together.  Make a sweet deal - If you're both into sweets, try baking something together.  Bust out the board games - Board games can be an excellent way to break the ice and have some fun [...]

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Online Dating Tips and Tricks

Online Dating Tips - Here are some tips and tricks for the best online dating experience: 1. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour of focused digital dating, at least twice a week. Constantly checking your dating apps and not having a specific time set aside each week for messaging and searching efforts can have you feeling overwhelmed. 2. Choose the right app(s) to use. Picking the right app(s) to use is crucial for the best possibility of success. You have to know which ones best suit you, and for that, you need to be aware of what each is known for in the dating-sphere. 3. Customize your profile. Your profile is the first impression you make on potential matches, so make sure it's a good one. Be honest, be yourself, and be specific about what you're looking for. 4. Be wary of anyone asking for financial help. Dating sites like Match.com and EHarmony also provide tips for using their [...]

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All characters in this story who engage in sexual activity are at least 18 years of age. My First Blowjob. Here it was--room 214. I paused at the door for a couple of deep breaths, trying to ease the trembling that had been building in the pit of my stomach since last night when Sir had issued my final instructions. I was really going to do this: not only sucking a cock for the first time but giving myself--submitting--to this dominant man. My legs shook, and I leaned one hand against the door jamb in case my knees buckled. It would be okay, I assured myself. I had talked to Sir online for several weeks, and he seemed kind enough...if very commanding. Bethany had talked to him, too--sufficiently for her to feel comfortable giving me permission to come here tonight for this: my First Blowjob with a man. One more deep breath, and I put my hand to the door [...]

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A few years back, I was on vacation with my husband at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Jamaica. This was our first time at an all-adult resort, and to be honest, I really didn't know what to expect. My husband and I are not swingers, and I was a bit concerned about what the "adult" part of the resort meant. All I wanted was a peaceful, warm week on the beach with my husband and a good book. When we arrived, I was relieved to see that there were no couples having sex everywhere. What I was most thrilled to see was that the beautiful pools were not polluted with screaming kids. Yes, this was going to be a quiet and peaceful vacation. The beaches were beautiful, and tops were optional, as my husband quickly pointed out. I have always been on the shy side, so that first day on the beach, I refused to remove my top, despite my [...]

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Sex Life Season 3 Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Sex Life season 2 is out… fans want to know: will there be a Sex Life season 3? Here’s a rundown of what we know so far. The steamiest show is back on Netflix. Sex Life season 2 premiered on March 2 with even hotter scenes to make you swoon over. Billie’s love life continued to get sexier and more complicated in the wake of the season 1 finale. With all 6 episodes of Sex/Life season 2 being available to binge, there’s a demand for Sex/Life season 3. So, is it happening? Has the show been canceled? Hollywood Life has rounded up everything we know about Sex/Life season 3. Is Sex Life Season 3 Happening? Netflix hasn’t announced whether or not Sex Life will be getting a season 3. In just the first few days of season 2’s release, Sex Life already broke into Netflix’s Top 10. The first season became a breakout hit for the streaming service, and here’s [...]

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Sex Toy History – This Might Be the Oldest Roman Sex Toy Ever Found

Sex Toy History - Archaeologists have long known ancient Romans were into phallic imagery. The male member appears again and again in artwork, as decorations and as good luck charms. One particular life-size wood phallus caught the eye of archaeologists, who questioned its initial classification as a darning tool. In a statement on Monday, University College Dublin suggested the phallus might be the "oldest Roman sex toy" ever found. The wood phallus, found near Hadrian's Wall, measures in at 6.3 inches (16 centimeters) in length. Vindolanda Trust The wood artifact is 6.3 inches (16 centimeters) long and dates back almost 2,000 years. It was found in a ditch at the Roman fort site of Vindolanda in England in 1992, but scientists recently reassessed it. The object -- carved from an ash tree -- was in the company of shoes, dress accessories and small tools, leading to the idea it was a darning tool of some kind. A team of researchers [...]

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Decriminalizing Prostitution Minimizes Violence and Exploitation.

Decriminalizing Prostitution. California recently became the second state to repeal its laws criminalizing loitering for the purposes of prostitution. Senate Bill 357, introduced by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, which eliminates the crime, went into effect January 1st. The repeal was a hard won and important step toward a future where no one is arrested, evicted, fired, or loses custody of their children just for engaging in the oldest profession — or for even appearing to. It also opens the door for sex workers to help law enforcement combat real, violent crime and human trafficking. For decades, law enforcement has used loitering laws to justify the arrest of visibly queer, poor, Black, brown, and immigrant women, who are taking up space in public. Some of those arrested may have been soliciting, but many were not. Loitering laws empower police officers to detain and arrest people for being in certain areas, dressed a certain way, or for talking to other people [...]

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Female Sex Toys Market Analysis

Female Sex Toys Market The MarketWatch News Department was not involved in the creation of this content. Jan 05, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- Pre and Post Covid Report Is Covered | Final Report Will Add the Analysis of the Impact of Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19 on This Industry. [124 Pages Report] "Female Sex Toys Market" size is projected to reach Multimillion USD by 2029, In comparison to 2023, at unexpected CAGR during 2023-2029 and generated magnificent revenue. This study provides all the most recent market facts and trends for your business analytics and strategic decision-making. This Female Sex Toys Market research report is meant to be helpful to all business owners, investors, and stakeholders in the industry. It provides significant insights into the factors affecting the global Female Sex Toys market and the industry's yearly growth. The market is segmented on the basis of End-user Industry (Online Stores, Retail Outlets, Specialty Stores, Other), By Type (Dildos, Vibrators, Bullets and eggs, [...]

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Free Condoms: France Is Making Condoms Available to All Young People After Learning a Startling Percentage of Its Population Doesn’t Use Protection

 © mikroman6/Getty Images Condoms. Mikroman6/Getty Images France will start offering free condoms to all young people in January in an effort to curb STIs. Health officials there say STIs have been on the rise lately, especially among young people. More than a quarter of people say they never or don't always use a condom, per a 2021 study. France will make free condoms available to all young people starting in January in an effort to curb the country's increasing rate of sexually transmitted infections, President Emmanuel Macron announced Friday. Macron announced the new measure in a Twitter video on Friday. The move is part of a larger health initiative meant to improve public access to personal healthcare, including contraception and STI screening. "It's a small revolution for prevention," Macron said of the condom push. The decision was in part prompted by the growing rate of sexually transmitted infections in the country in recent years, chief among them chlamydia and gonorrhea. In [...]

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Dating Update: People Are Revealing the Cold Hard Data of Their Dating Lives Via TikTok’s #DatingWrapped Trend

Dating Update:  After Spotify Wrapped dominated the feed last week, another annual data report has begun to take hold of social media: TikTok’s #datingwrapped trend. The hashtag has been viewed over 3.4 million times as of Wednesday, with users sharing their year in dating via homemade slideshow presentations and revealing the cold, hard facts of their dating habits. “I went on 21 first dates — yikes,” said 27-year-old Alexandria McLean in her now-viral TikTok. “I met 66% on Bumble and 33% on Hinge.” McLean was the first to post her Dating Wrapped slideshow but told BuzzFeed News that she’d had the idea since October. As a longtime Spotify Wrapped fan, she wanted to apply the same year-in-review concept to her romantic endeavors. “I've always kept track and kept notes of my dating life,” she said. “I already recap my dates at work and with my friends, so I thought, why not just do a full recap and share it with [...]

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