Sin City Sex-crazed Tourists Filmed Making Whoopie

Thailand’s Sin City beach is once again living up to its lascivious reputation, as yet another couple of tourists were caught taking advantage of the picturesque shore as the spot for a passionate round of lovemaking. Months after another couple outraged officials with some sandy hanky panky, the latest naked pair were spotted blatantly fornicating under the streetlights at Pattaya Beach, a popular tourist destination dubbed “Sin City” for its bawdy bars and massage parlors. The couple seemed unbothered in the 1-minute video as other beachgoers — seen sitting just yards away from the pair — look on and laugh. “Is this normal in Pattaya?” the original video, shared to Facebook Wednesday, read. It provoked shocked comments such as: “Why not go to a hotel with such performances?” and “What kind of people are these?” The perverted rendevous occurred on a strip of Jomtien Beach, home to high-rise condominiums, hotels and restaurants, and not far from the Pattaya Water Sports [...]

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Dating Online Smarter

Dating online is nearing the end of its fourth decade, which means a long trail of dashed hopes, wasted time, and broken hearts. But the flip side of that is there now exists a wealth of experience to mine. Based on conversations with women who have spent considerable time searching, meeting potential mates, and coming up empty, there is a great deal of wisdom to draw from. While there are amusing "date from hell" stories, what is most concerning is not the expenditure of time and energy, but rather the demoralization and self-deflation that seemed to stem from the process. There are, however, ways to avoid this by making your process smarter. Source: Fortune Vieyra/Unsplash 1. His photo is important with dating online, but not the way you think. As visual creatures, we are primed to depend on our sight for information, which leads to prioritizing a prospect's photo to figure out "Do I find this person attractive?" As everyone [...]

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Semen in The Fridge Made Me Vomit

It’s 7 am and I’m half asleep as I totter to the fridge and open it to make breakfast. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the bright light and focus. I blink a few times and think, what in the hell is that? There, proudly displayed front and center so that it’s the first thing I see is my husband’s semen sample. How kind of him. Instead of putting it discreetly in the top door compartment out of sight, he’s put it right in view, next to my favorite Jalna Greek natural yogurt. “Visions of the blob haunt me” I take out my yogurt and put a dollop on my muesli, trying not to think about what I’ve just seen. I’m a mother of three for heaven’s sake. I’ve changed diarrhea explosions and navigated my way through my fair share of ickiness after all. A woman vomited after eating her yogurt due to her husband’s semen being placed [...]

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Better Sex and 3 Things Couples Can Learn

Better sex can happen with just a little kinky fun. A sexologist said her kinky clients do a lot more planning around sex than the vanilla ones. Shamrya Howard told Insider non-kinky couples can learn a lot from those who are kinkier. Tips include frequent communication and starting foreplay for the next round at the end of sex. Something is loading. You might think that kinky sex is as spontaneous as it is unconventional. But a sexologist told Insider that her kinky clients do a lot more planning than those who are more vanilla when it comes to sex, and that groundwork pays off in a way that we could all benefit from. Shamyra Howard, a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT-certified sex therapist, realized that it was her kinkier clients who tended to discuss and plan their sexual encounters, even though scheduling sex is commonly seen as a marker of a stale sex life, and that this made having [...]

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Female Orgasms and What Vibrator Data Reveals

Female orgasms are essential to womans health.  You may be surprised to know that vibrators can do a lot more than wait in the nightstand until the moment is right. Lioness, maker of the world's "first and only" smart vibrator, uses biofeedback sensors and AI to characterize "involuntary pelvic floor contractions"—also known as orgasms. It's just as techy as a smartwatch or any other health tech, and Lioness has new data to prove it in their annual 'Pleasure Wrapped.' Like the Spotify Wrapped year-end music review, Pleasure Wrapped provides users a breakdown of your year in masturbation: When they did it, how good it was, and what settings work best for them. “We are presenting this [orgasm] data in a way that has never been done before and we’re really excited to share it with the world,” says founder and CEO Anna Lee. “We like to say, ‘knowledge is pleasure’ and we see an opportunity with this yearly collection of [...]

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Red Light Therapy?

“Red light therapy is thought to promote collagen synthesis in the dermal layer of the skin and help to dial down inflammation in the skin,” says Bowe. “The light interacts with the skin to stimulate regeneration, healing, and repair of skin cells and supports our healthy collagen production and skin elasticity.” These benefits can be applied to scarring, fine lines, and acne, too, though the latter is commonly treated with blue light. “In clinic, benefits range across skin rejuvenation (collagen production, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation) right through to healing (using near-infrared light),” says Laurence Newman, Founder and CEO of Current Body. The dialing down of inflammation has more benefits than simply reducing redness: When used on certain areas of the body, phototherapy (aka light therapy) may help to reduce pain and soreness and even heal deeper tissues. How Often Should You Use Red Light Therapy? Frequency and duration of red light exposure is dependent on the “what” and “where” [...]

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Sex Life Spiced Up

Trying new things in your sex life can keep things exciting between you and your partner. But constantly asking can feel like a chore or be anxiety-provoking. A therapist shared creative ways to suggest new sexual exploits, outside of a foundational conversation with your partner. If you feel like your sex life is becoming stale, switching things up could make all of the difference. It's just bringing it up with your partner that can be the hard part. Getting there requires communicating and working with your partner. It's something that, for many, is easier said than done. Often, partners can feel anxious about sharing the things they want to change about their sex life because they worry about offending each other or feeling unheard once they share, Michele Leno, a psychologist who specializes in performance anxiety, told Insider. Leno, who goes by "Dr. Michele," said that thinking about what you want to convey beforehand can prevent your partner from feeling [...]

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Solo Polyamory and What It Is

Solo polyamory means that someone has multiple intimate relationships with people but has an independent or single lifestyle. They may not live with partners, share finances, or have a desire to reach traditional relationship milestones in which partners’ lives become more intertwined. However, others practice solo polyamory due to circumstances. Polyamorous people who have recently gotten out of a serious partnership may practice solo polyamory for a time. This means that they do not currently have a partner but still identify as polyamorous. Solo polyamory is also called “singleish,” Some solo polyamorists essentially operate as independent, single people, but have some partnerships. That means they are not single in the traditional sense of the word. So, they are single-ish. Some people who practice solo polyamory may also practice relationship anarchy or non-hierarchical polyamory. Relationship anarchists don’t rank partners by importance. So they don’t have primary or secondary partners and may consider their romantic partners on the same level as their [...]

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Non-monogamy is Normal for Gen Z

Gen Z appears to be more comfortable with the concept of non-monogamy than previous generations, according to controversial online "dating" service Ashley Madison. The polarizing Ashley Madison, which caters to people looking to cheat on their partners and uses the slogan "Life is short. Have an affair," said that Gen Z is the top age group to sign up for their scandalous product and accounted for 40% of new members in 2022. To understand why so many members of Gen Z, defined as those 18-29 years old, are joining the pro-adultery site, the company surveyed their Gen Z members as well as those ages in the general population across 10 countries via YouGov. The results were provided to Fox News Digital in a report titled, "Decoding Gen Z: A global report on non-monogamy, sex, and the desire for discretion." TOP 20 AMERICAN CITIES FOR ‘ADULTEROUS BEHAVIOR’ REVEALED BY CONTROVERSIAL DATING SERVICE ASHLEY MADISON Gen Z appears to be more comfortable [...]

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Orgy. Only One Person Showed Up.

While in Los Angeles, my partner and I booked a hotel room and decided to have an orgy. Before everyone arrived, we reorganized the entire hotel room and bought snacks. Everyone canceled, but we still ended up having a threesome orgy and celebrating open relationships. Something is loading. It was my partner's first time in Los Angeles. Even though we had the option to stay at my parents' place in South Central LA, we both felt it would be too far. There's so much more to see than just the 110 freeway. We decided to book a hotel room at a chic spot over on Third Street next to the Beverly Center. And yes, I'm aware that these past few sentences are painfully Californian. Admittedly, I was apprehensive about staying somewhere other than my parents' house, but then a brilliant idea struck me: "Edson, you could host an orgy sex party in your hotel room!" But it didn't pan out [...]

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