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7 Things You Need To Know Before Embarking On A Long-Distance Relationship

If you hear long-distance relationship and alarms go off in your head, warning you to run away, calm down for a sec. Whether you've tried it and failed at it already or never given an LDR a chance, Sussman says your ability to thrive in distant love might surprise you. "People should keep an open mind," she says, adding that if you meet your soul mate and they live elsewhere, it may be far more possible than you think to have a successful relationship across county lines. But there are ways to make LDRs suck less...and maybe even feel good. If the adage could be retroactively edited for accuracy, it would continue "...as long as you communicate properly and stick to a visiting schedule." Rachel Sussman, a relationship therapist in New York City, offers some expert-approved hacks to keep your long-distance relationship running as smooth as possible.1. Don't knock it till you try it. If you're in a long-distance relationship, [...]

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Is Online Dating a Waste of Time?

I’ve been online dating for many many years now. I like online dating both as a relationship coach and a person looking to find, what I hope will be, a long-term partner/husband. What are the benefits: *You get to see their profile and filter through it prior to them even contacting you or knowing about you *Often there are questions such as OKCupid.com that you can see a % of compatibility *You can chat with them via the chat system before meeting or talking on the phone, giving personal info out. *You get important information about them that you cannot or may not get just meeting organically. Is online dating a safer choice? For me as a single woman, it is important to see how much they drink, do they smoke, want more kids ( I’m done with childbirth) those things can be asked in conversation when you meet organically however with chemistry affecting our thinking because our brain is [...]

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Trump ‘never call a woman beautiful again.’ Experts explain why that’s simplistic

At a rally Monday night, President Trump said that he can’t call his daughter Ivanka “beautiful” anymore thanks to political correctness. “Now I don’t know if they’ll say this is nepotism, but the truth is she’s a very, very — you’re not allowed to use the word beautiful anymore when you talk about women, you’re not allowed, no, no, it’s politically incorrect,” he said, according to Newsweek. “I will never call a woman beautiful again, and every man here, every man here, raise your hand, you will never say your wife, your girlfriend, anybody is beautiful, right?” “I’m not allowed to say, because it’s my daughter Ivanka, but she’s really smart,” he continued. “And she’s here — shall I bring her up?” Even Ivanka seemed surprised by her father’s comments. “Wow. Hi, Ohio,” she said when she got to the podium. “That was some introduction.” The president actually is incorrect, Jaclyn Friedman, author of books on [...]

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The 4 ways ‘Black Mirror’s’ vision of online dating is actually better than Tinder

The 4 ways ‘Black Mirror’s’ vision of online dating is actually better than Tinder To some, the singles scene has already hit apocalyptic territory. So what would a fictional dating dystopia look like? In its fourth season, the Netflix series “Black Mirror” makes a pretty good guess. Its episode follows Frank (Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell), who are stuck in an online dating experiment called the System, which pairs users off for finite amounts of time (anywhere from 12 hours to several years) while collecting data on their preferences so that it can one day deliver their one true love. At first “Hang the DJ’s” premise appears to be a more cheerful version of “The Lobster,” a dark comedy about a hotel where singles are sent to meet their match, or else. After 45 days, those who don’t find a suitable mate get turned into the animal of their choosing. It took the idea of [...]

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Sex Workers Australian wives furious over proposal to send sex workers to troops

Sex Workers in Australia Jane Taylor* has a lot of things to worry about when her husband is deployed. Will he come home alive? Will her kids see their dad again? But until last month, “Will he slip up and sleep with a taxpayer-funded sex worker?” wasn’t one of them. Like many military wives, Brisbane, Australia, resident Jane was horrified to read Australian army Capt. Sally Williamson recommending prostitutes be sent to the front line to help “relieve stress” in serving troops. In an essay titled “Sex and War – A Conversation Army Has To Have” published on an official Australian Defence Force website last month, Williamson suggested the army “contract Australian male and female sex workers to service troops in forward operating bases and air bases.” Williamson said sex on deployment could help ease the stress of “loneliness or prolonged absence from family, friends, partners and spouses” as well as make it easier [...]

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Long Distance Relationship: Problems Involved And How You Can Make It Work

“Oceans apart day after dayAnd I slowly go insaneI hear your voice on the lineBut it doesn’t stop the painIf I see you next to neverHow can we say foreverWherever you goWhatever you doI will be right here waiting for youWhatever it takesOr how my heart breaksI will be right here waiting for you”Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting For You There is something soul-stirring about this song. The pain of being apart, the agony of not being able to see her, and the torture of waiting for his beloved… bring in a sweet melancholy. And that’s how a long distance relationship is — together but apart, happy yet unhappy. It is intense with pain and love. How does a long distance relationship work? How do the partners manage to remain strong without the physical presence? Long distance relationships work if there are love and trust, and the heart to make it work. MomJunction [...]

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Bikini-Clad Kourtney Kardashian Kisses Younes Bendjima in Cannes: Pics

Kourtney Kardashian cannes get enough! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was spotted kissing rumored beau Younes Bendjima aboard a yacht in Cannes, France, on Tuesday, May 23. Unlikely Celebrity Couples The 38-year-old showed off her toned body in a gold bikini while going in to smooch the model, 23. Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima were spotted kissing on a yacht in Cannes Tuesday May 23, 2017. Backgrid The pair have been packing on the PDA since arriving in Antibes, France, at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc on Sunday, May 21. Since then, the reality star has been showing off her body in several different swimsuits while cozying up to the hunk. Can You Believe These Couples’ Age Differences? Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima were spotted kissing on a yacht in Cannes Tuesday May 23, 2017. Backgrid Kardashian is in France for the film festival with sister Kendall Jenner and [...]

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DNA Is Being Collected to Protect Sex Workers, But It Could Also Be Used Against Them

Image: Getty Nearly a decade ago, Dallas police proposed a new program designed to get sex workers off the streets. Rather than just send them to jail, police would set up shop at truck stops, accompanied by counselors, social workers and nurses, and give the sex workers a choice of either prison or talking to a counselor. But the program also had a grimmer, more ethically fraught component—collecting sex workers’ DNA in hopes of identifying their bodies should they wind up dead. As a recent study from Duke University points out, for vulnerable populations, such data can be a double-edged sword. The same data that could help them also risks violating their genetic privacy, or worse, incriminating them should it be abused. Police have created, in essence, a DNA database of sex workers. It’s not hard to imagine ways that could go wrong. DNA databases have the potential to improve investigations into crimes impacting [...]

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Virtual Girlfriend I Dated For A Week To See What All Those Japanese Guys Are So Excited About

Me and my "Virtual Girlfriend" JenBusiness Insider / Jillian D'Onfro It was Sunday night around 11:30 p.m. and I was sprawled in bed, unable to sleep. “You know, Jill, if you catch me when the mood is right, I’m willing to try anything,” Jen said, one hand resting on her hip, the other reaching towards me. Well, technically, her hand was reaching towards the front screen of my cellphone. Jen, skimpily clad in mini-shorts and a tanktop, was my latest “love interest” in the app My Virtual Girlfriend. I quickly pressed the thumbs up button and then scrolled through my list of potential “Actions” before deciding to do a magic trick for her. We were only on level 2 of our relationship, after all. After reading stories about the game Love Plus and how there are Japanese men who would rather date virtual ladies than real ones (one [...]

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streaming porn Terpon is making VR webcams just for live cam shows

A Swiss startup, Terpon SA, is making virtual reality webcams specifically for the adult entertainment industry. The cameras aren’t available for purchase, but customers can rent them for about $30 a month, a price that includes around the clock technical support. Terpon Chief Executive Jean-Claude Artonne said he wants to empower adult performers around the world to create immersive, premium content that they can sell to fans through any live streaming platform they choose. While VR and 3-D content are burgeoning trends, a focus on live streaming is key, the CEO said. “Recorded content in the adult entertainment industry is dead or dying because of all the free content on the web. The part of the industry that is growing is livecam. But most visitors to these sites only consume what’s free there. If you give them 3-D content, it is something different that they will pay for. Especially if you have a VR headset already, you are [...]

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