Sexy Olga De Mar

Birthplace Daugavpils, LatviaHappy-go-lucky Don’t look at the life of someone else. Your life is so rich. You have no time to compare it to someone else. There’s lots of happiness to be had. Make people around you happy and you’re going to be much happier. Eat, drink, love I love to eat. I could die for good food. I never drank wine or coffee before coming to Italy. Here it’s so good and so cheap. Now, if I’m having lunch and it’s not with a glass of wine, it’s not a good lunch! Security guard Jealousy is a turn-off. I don’t agree when someone says, ‘If you’re not jealous you must not love me.’ It’s the opposite. If you’re jealous, you’re not sure about me and you’re not sure about you. If your born jealous, there’s something wrong with you, darling. “I want 110 percent of what life offers me,” says Olga de Mar. “Why should we put boxes around [...]

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Geena Rocero Trans beauty

I’m in the Costa Rican jungle. I’m nude, playing in the sand, climbing trees, and at one with nature. I’m in my element. It’s a perfect metaphor for the dream of trans people and the way our bodies should always be seen: as natural as can be. CLICK HERE to see more of me for free. I come from a strict Catholic upbringing in the Philippines—the only place in the world besides Vatican City where divorce is illegal, but also a place where transgender beauty pageants are broadcast on national television. As a kid, I would see the women in these pageants and recognize myself through them. They expanded my vision of who I could be and gave me a pathway to reach for my bigger dreams. Little did I know that at the age of 15 I myself would become a transgender beauty queen. This is our lived experience. It’s not up for debate. I moved to the United [...]

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Sophie O’neil

I live in a borough outside London called Bexley. It’s a nice place, and everyone here is ­really lovely, but it’s a bit quiet—not too much going on. I don’t think I could stay here. I’m all about exploring. When I was younger I secretly wanted to be a model, but I would never admit it to anyone because I didn’t want people to say, “Really? You want to model?” I’m quite shy, and I’ve never been very confident in myself and how I look. I’m also only five-foot-five, so my height has always been an issue. Whenever I thought about trying it, I would think, Nope, they’re going to tear me down. I went to university in Brighton, which is by the sea and very quirky—completely different from Bexley. I studied theatrical hair and makeup for film and TV, and after I left uni I was on Instagram, looking for makeup work, and photographers started asking me, “Can you [...]

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