With summer activities now in full swing, you might have started looking for romantic recipes to wine and dine your other half. It’s the one day of the year that guarantees restaurants will be absolutely packed, so opting to stay at home is a great way to celebrate and enjoy the season.

In preparation for your delicious home-cooked meal, you may be wondering what the best ingredients are to work with. To help you out, I spoke to Kyle Crowley, a nutrition expert at Protein Works, who revealed the best aphrodisiac foods to choose from this summer. Not only will these foods get the juices flowing, but they’re also great for gut health, meaning you won’t be left feeling bloated and out of sorts when romance calls.

1. Strawberries

StrawberriesStrawberries are well known for being one of the most romantic fruits, with the fruit often coated in chocolate as a summer treat. They’re a great source of fiber, with studies also showing that strawberries can aid in reducing gut inflammation, specifically in people suffering from symptoms of IBS.

Covering your strawberries in dark chocolate can also have benefits for the gut, with the sweet treat containing both high fiber and a number of antioxidants to help the gut lining.

2. Asparagus


If you’re cooking up a romantic dish for your other half, why not add in some asparagus to improve your gut health in the process? Asparagus is not only delicious but also a great source of fiber, which plays an important role in digestion. The vegetable also has a high nutritional value, and its prebiotic properties work to feed good bacteria in the gut.



3. Chili
spicy food

Chili Pepper

Spice up your love life in the kitchen as well as the bedroom this summer by adding a touch of chili to your plate. Not only does chili act as an aphrodisiac, enhancing sensations and blood flow in the body, but it also benefits your gut.

When consumed in moderation, chili extract may improve gut health by increasing the number of good bacteria and in turn reducing the number of disease-causing bacteria. However, be careful about how much you use as you don’t want to be chugging down pints of milk as a result.

4. Figs
Foods to eat before bed

FigsIf you’re going for a cheeseboard or charcuterie board this summer, try upgrading it with some delicious figs. They are full of fiber which provides the gut bacteria with prebiotics to feed on, improving digestive health.

However, although these Aphrodisiac Foods are incredibly moreish when paired with your favorite cheese, be sure not to eat too many as figs have natural laxative properties.

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