Amy Cruize is a Hopeless Romantic

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I am a hopeless romantic. For me, a perfect moment means when you touch me slowly all over my body, whispering back of my ear lovely words, make all my body tremble and pronouncing my name. I love to meet a gentleman who knows to be angel and devil in the bed. My best skill is to surprise you with things who you will never expect to happen in that moment. Let's share the happiness together.

Semen in The Fridge Made Me Vomit

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It’s 7 am and I’m half asleep as I totter to the fridge and open it to make breakfast. My eyes take a moment to adjust to the bright light and focus. I blink a few times and think, what in the hell is that? There, proudly displayed front and center so that it’s the first thing I see is my husband’s semen sample. How kind of him. Instead of putting it discreetly in the top door compartment out of sight, he’s put it right in view, next to my favorite Jalna Greek natural yogurt. “Visions of the blob haunt me” I take out my yogurt and put a dollop on my muesli, trying not to think about what I’ve just seen. I’m a mother of three for heaven’s sake. I’ve changed diarrhea explosions and navigated my way through my fair share of ickiness after all. A woman vomited after eating her yogurt due to her husband’s semen being placed [...]

Better Sex and 3 Things Couples Can Learn

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Better sex can happen with just a little kinky fun. A sexologist said her kinky clients do a lot more planning around sex than the vanilla ones. Shamrya Howard told Insider non-kinky couples can learn a lot from those who are kinkier. Tips include frequent communication and starting foreplay for the next round at the end of sex. Something is loading. You might think that kinky sex is as spontaneous as it is unconventional. But a sexologist told Insider that her kinky clients do a lot more planning than those who are more vanilla when it comes to sex, and that groundwork pays off in a way that we could all benefit from. Shamyra Howard, a licensed clinical social worker and AASECT-certified sex therapist, realized that it was her kinkier clients who tended to discuss and plan their sexual encounters, even though scheduling sex is commonly seen as a marker of a stale sex life, and that this made having [...]

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