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Leave it to Britney Spears, 40, to put on a cute fashion show by herself in her house. The “Gimme More” hitmaker proudly modeled several fashionable outfits on Instagram September 8. Britney’s first look included a sexy hot pink bikini that showcased her fit body. The blonde-haired beauty also wore a gold pendant necklace in all the photos.

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Britney modeled three more outfits in her post, including a long-sleeved floral dress with a big white collar. The Crossroads star put her hair in adorable pigtails for that photo. Next, Britney showed off a cute white top with a pair of dark jeans. Britney took three photos in that look, so it must have been her favorite! Last but not least, she wore a sexy red mini dress that truly highlighted her gorgeous body.

The “Stronger” singer captioned her post, “Y’all remember Suzie Lou from Arkansas … yep that’s me back in town ???????????? … visiting my uncle once a year … PLAY … PLAY … on !!” Britney also mentioned to “always say the truth ladies !!!”, which could be a reference to her ongoing family drama that never seems to end.

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Britney is upset with her son Jayden, 15, because of a recent interview he did with his dad Kevin Federline for ITV in the UK. In the interview, the teen criticized his famous mom’s revealing Instagram posts and said she does it to “get attention.” Britney responded and apologized for the way her posts make Jayden “feel” — but made it clear she will continue to post as she pleases. “I’ve got news for you … I’m a child of God as well we all are in God’s eyes … so NOPE I’m not sorry … I’ve learned to say SO !!!” she said on her IG account.

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Although there’s drama between Britney and Jayden, sources told Hollywood Life EXCLUSIVELY that the pop star is still “committed” to repairing that relationship. Britney, per our insider, “doesn’t believe” that limiting her sexy social media posts would “truly repair” things with her son. It seems like Britney will continue to be her authentic self on Instagram for the time being.