Thailand’s Sin City beach is once again living up to its lascivious reputation, as yet another couple of tourists were caught taking advantage of the picturesque shore as the spot for a passionate round of lovemaking.

Months after another couple outraged officials with some sandy hanky panky, the latest naked pair were spotted blatantly fornicating under the streetlights at Pattaya Beach, a popular tourist destination dubbed “Sin City” for its bawdy bars and massage parlors.

The couple seemed unbothered in the 1-minute video as other beachgoers — seen sitting just yards away from the pair — look on and laugh.

“Is this normal in Pattaya?” the original video, shared to Facebook Wednesday, read.

It provoked shocked comments such as: “Why not go to a hotel with such performances?” and “What kind of people are these?”

The perverted rendevous occurred on a strip of Jomtien Beach, home to high-rise condominiums, hotels and restaurants, and not far from the Pattaya Water Sports Complex, according to Pattaya Mail.

The popular strip is flooded with locals and tourists at all hours of the day and late into the night, including the estimated 2 a.M. To 4 a.M. Timeframe police estimate the sex-crazed pair engaged in their affair.

It is also a well-known spot for public lovemaking, despite such acts being illegal.

The city’s Tourist Police is investigating the incident, but fear the perverted pair may be long gone — while the video was only shared this week, it appears to have been filmed as long as three months earlier, Khaosod English reported.

Two people having sex on Pattaya beach at night while other people nearby watch in outrage.The tourists were caught having sex on the shores of Pattaya Beach while others looked on. Facebook/Denis Krungtep

Tents were seen strewn near the part of the beach the pair was seen lying on, which lifeguard officials told police were removed in December.

Sexual acts in public are illegal in Thailand — and are punishable by up to five years behind bars — but the rules have done little to stop offenders from blatantly engaging in the past.

In May of last year, a woman was caught performing oral sex on a man under a street light on a public sidewalk as workers set up a stage nearby.

Aerial view of Pattaya Beach.Pattaya Beach is known as “Sin City” for its bawdy bars and massage parlors. Getty Images

Months earlier, a “disgusting foreigner” was caught having sex with a prostitute during an all-night booze bender on Christmas Day.

The blond tourist even waved to a bystander who had stopped to film the salacious sexcapade on his phone.