A few years back, I was on vacation with my husband at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Jamaica. This was our first time at an all-adult resort, and to be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect. My husband and I are not swingers, and I was a bit concerned about what the “adult” part of the resort meant. All I wanted was a peaceful, warm week on the beach with my husband and a good book.


When we arrived, I was relieved to see that there were no couples having sex everywhere. What I was most thrilled to see was that the beautiful pools were not polluted with screaming kids. Yes, this was going to be a quiet and peaceful vacation.

The beaches were beautiful, and tops were optional, as my husband quickly pointed out. I have always been on the shy side, so that first day on the beach, I refused to remove my top, despite my husband’s nagging. Of course, he seemed to enjoy the sites while I sat in the sun and read my book.

The second day there, I gave in to my husband’s childish pestering and agreed to remove my top only if we located to a more secluded area. He agreed, but as the afternoon wore on, more couples arrived, and it wasn’t so secluded. By now I was comfortable with going topless, and it wasn’t an issue for the rest of the week. Besides, it wasn’t like I was running along the water’s edge topless; I was just sitting and reading my book. I know my husband had Baywatch fantasies, but that isn’t me.

Things were going well until our fourth night, when my husband and I had a big fight. He had been ogling women on the beach all week, and it was beginning to annoy me. That night we went to the resort nightclub, and he proceeded to get drunk and flirt with any woman that looked his way. There was one hot young brunette in particular that caught his eye at the club as well as at the beach. She was with an older man, and my husband made it quite obvious that he had the hots for her.

I knew he was drunk, but that was still no excuse for his behavior. I felt disrespected and hurt. It stirred up thoughts of how he must behave when traveling on business. I know he cheats when he travels, and it’s always been a sensitive topic for me. If this is how he behaved when I was with him, I can’t imagine what he is like when alone.

I tried to contain my anger, as I didn’t want to ruin our vacation, but it finally erupted when we returned to the room. My volatile side lashed out at him, and he got an earful. I was pissed.

Of course, his response was to ignore me and pass out drunk on the bed, which made me even angrier. I couldn’t even bear to look at him, that’s how furious I was.

It was after 2 a.m., and I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep as I was still very upset. I needed to calm down and unwind if I was going to get any sleep that night.

A nice soak in one of the hot tubs was just what I needed. The resort was gated and very safe, so I felt comfortable leaving my room even if it was so late. I changed into my bathing suit and cover, grabbed my book, and headed to the hot tub.

It was a beautiful, warm, and peaceful night. The hot tub area was dimly lit and deserted. I removed my bathing suit cover and slipped into the warm, relaxing water. I quickly lost myself in my book as I enjoyed the tranquility of this calm night.

I had lost track of time when I was disturbed out of my peaceful trance by a deep male voice coming from behind me.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?”

He startled me, and I jerked my head back to see who it was.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he said.

My eyes focused, and there stood the couple from the club. Oh great! Just what I need: a young, hot trophy wife to remind me of my lustful cheating husband.

The man was well over six feet tall and had that mature and successful appearance. He looked to be in his early fifties, fit-looking, and with a day’s growth on his rather attractive face. He looked to be wearing swim shorts and a tight-fitting tee shirt that accentuated his muscular chest. I noticed he was holding a bottle of rum and two glasses in his hand.

“Oh, no, that’s fine… Yes, it is a nice night,” I blurted, surprised to see anyone at that time of the night.

“Is it OK if we climb in?” He gestured, placing his bottle and glasses at the edge of the tub, and then pulled off his shirt before I could even respond.

He held his wife’s hand as she removed her bikini cover and helped her into the hot tub. She looked like a Sports Illustrated model. Tall, without a trace of fat, and with a figure to die for. She was also about twenty years younger than me and her husband, for that matter. To say I felt inadequate is an understatement.

“Yeah, sure… I was just leaving anyway,” I responded, feeling a bit uncomfortable being in a hot tub with this sexy-looking couple. They probably didn’t want me hanging around.

They slid into the tub opposite me.

“Oh, that feels wonderful,” she gasped.

“Please don’t leave on our account.” The young lady spoke, sensing my apprehension.

I sat still, assessing the situation, debating with myself whether I should leave now or give them a couple of minutes. They were a very attractive couple and seemed quite pleasant.

“I’m Frank, and this is my wife, Michelle,” he said.

“April,” I replied with a nod.

“Nice to meet you, April… I saw you and your husband at the club earlier. Did you lose him?” She smiled.

Her question caught me off-guard. “Oh, I wish I did… he’s passed out drunk in bed,” I responded, with a chuckle.

We started to chat, and they both seemed easy to talk to and had a good sense of humor. Suddenly, there was no rush for me to get back to my room.

Frank poured me and his wife a glass of rum. They both slid around the bench closer to me.

“Sure, why not?”

“Thank you,” I responded as he handed me the drink.

I couldn’t help but think how ironic it was that I was enjoying this evening with the woman my husband had the hots for. It served him right for getting drunk and passing out. The thought that my husband would have killed to be sitting in a hot with Michelle only made the entire situation even sweeter.

Before I knew it, I was sandwiched between the two of them.

The conversation soon became sexually suggestive, and I played along. At almost the same time, both Michelle and Frank placed a hand on each of my thighs, under the water. As their hands moved up and down my leg, I went silent and found myself letting out a big sigh of approval. Oh wow, this isn’t going where I think it is, is it?

Michelle leaned in and planted a wonderfully soft and passionate kiss on my lips. I immediately responded and embraced her.

As we kissed, Frank leaned in and casually unfastened both our tops. Michelle gladly helped me slide my top off, as I did the same with her. I put up no resistance whatsoever.

The warm water felt like a soothing embrace as Michelle and I explored each other’s bodies. I ran my hands across her back, exploring the curves of her body, before planting delicate kisses on her neck. She let out a soft moan as I kissed her, and I felt my pulse quicken as I felt her soft, youthful skin against mine.

Frank sat back and watched us; his face lit up with pleasure as he watched us entwined in the hot tub. Our bare breasts rubbing together felt wonderful. I felt his presence as an energy between us, and it only heightened the intensity and passion between Michelle and I.

Michelle moved her hands to my chest, caressing my skin as her lips explored my neck and breasts. I felt my body quiver with pleasure as her hands moved lower into my bikini bottoms. I let out a soft moan as she touched my clitoris, and a finger slid inside of me. I did the same to her in return. Our bodies moved in perfect harmony, and I could feel the heat between us intensifying as we explored each other.

It wasn’t long before Michelle had me climaxing. She knew exactly how and where to rub me. Her fingers worked feverishly as I got closer and closer to cumming. I let out a loud, deep moan as Frank leaned over and took me over the edge by stimulating my hard erect nipples.

Frank moved closer, and soon our three bodies were intertwined in a passionate embrace. We moved together in a passionate and intense rhythm, the heat of the water and the passion between us creating a perfect storm of pleasure.

Michelle slowly moved away and sat opposite of me and Frank in the hot tub. She sat there smiling and sipping her rum as she watched her husband and me make out. I was shocked by my behavior, but I didn’t want it to end.

“Stand up; let’s see your sweet little ass,” he asked me.

He stood up, reached out, and pulled me up out of the water by my hands. He held my hands up as he leaned back to take a better look. He commented on how I was blessed with such a beautiful body and that it was obvious I worked out.

What a sweet man to say that when he clearly was married to such a gorgeous woman.

I realized at this moment that I had lost all control of the situation. Being tipsy, he helped me sit back down. I felt his forearm brush against my breasts as he maneuvered me, so I ended up sitting on his lap. The alcohol had my head spinning, and I was giggling like a teenage girl with a crush.

I wrapped my arms around his neck to steady myself and then kissed him. I felt his cock grow under me, and I couldn’t help but grind my ass on it as we continued to kiss.

My nipples were now rock hard as they rubbed against his muscular chest.

His hands moved from my waist up to cup and squeeze my breasts. Damn, it felt good! God, his cock felt huge pressing on my ass. Then he rolled my nipple between his finger and thumb, hurting it. Instead of a yelp, I moaned with approval.

Then a bit of panic set in, “We should stop this! I’m married!”

Like, that really mattered to me, but I felt like I had to say it. I’m not even sure why I said it. I was sitting topless on his lap in the middle of the night, with him groping my breasts and me grinding on his cock as his wife watched. Yeah, I was beyond any turning point.

Frank simply smiled at me, and I laughed as I realized how ridiculous that sounded.

He then stood up and peeled off his swimsuit. His hard cock popped out right in front of my face. His cock was big, I suppose in proportion to his large size. It wasn’t exceptionally long, but it was thick–very thick.

I just stared at his cock as it twitched inches away from me. Then, in a sterner voice, he barks, “Take off your bottoms!” I found myself actually doing it! I reached down, slid my bottoms off, and handed them to him.

Michelle moved back towards her husband and firmly grabbed his cock. She began to stroke him as I watched in envy. She quickly began sucking him, and after a few good tugs, she motioned for me to join her. I did not hesitate to join in.

And just like that, Michelle and I began sucking and kissing Frank’s cock and balls. As we took turns slurping up and down his cock we paused to kiss each other. I reached up and gave his balls a good mauling. When it was my turn to suck, Michelle gently pushed on the back of my head to make sure I took her husband nice and deep. This went on for a good ten minutes or so. I was thrilled to be the third wheel.

In the blink of an eye, Michelle backed off and Frank moved between my legs, and as he wrapped his arms around me, I felt his cock push towards me.

“Guide it in,” he commanded.

I hesitated, thinking, “Did I really want to do this? Did Michelle mind? What the fuck am I doing?

“Now,” he barked in a stern voice.

I glanced over at Michelle, and she gave me an approving smile. I reached down and guided the tip of his cock into me, just as I was told.

He was thick, and I could feel him stretching me as he forcefully pushed his way in. I asked him to go slowly, which he did. I gasped and let out a moan as he filled and stretched me out. His hard, chubby cock dipped in and out.


My legs wrapped around his waist as he filled me with that big, thick cock.

I caught a glimpse of Michelle over his shoulder. She was sitting back, watching, with a drink in one hand and her other hand under the water between her legs. She was a sight to behold, with her beautiful full breasts floating and moving on the water line. Oh, fuck, I almost came just watching her watch me fucking her husband. This was all beyond hot.

Frank pinned my hands over my head to the deck with one hand, the other working my tits. He had big hands, and he was devouring my tits. I thought he was going to pull or bite them off.

I didn’t last long as I came hard, stifling a scream that would have woken the whole resort! Oh my god, this was so hot and erotic.

I had barely recovered from my orgasm when he quickly turned me around and leaned me into Michelle’s arms. We immediately began kissing as I touched and felt her wonderful breasts. My ass was in the air, and my legs were in the water.

I knew Frank wasn’t finished with me yet. I wanted Frank’s cock back in my pussy! I love doggie style, and I wanted more.

Frank re-entered me and began moving in and out of me. I felt him exploring my anal opening, slowly inserting a large finger inside of me. It felt wonderful as he stimulated both holes. But Frank had other plans. He suddenly pulled out of my pussy and with one thrust, he entered my ASS! I let out a scream, as I wasn’t expecting him to rip me apart like that. I’m on the petite side, so generally, I don’t permit large cocks in my ass. It’s just too painful.

But it all happened so fast. I couldn’t stop him – and even though it hurt like hell, I didn’t want him to stop!

The intensity of the moment was overwhelming, and soon my body was trembling with pleasure. The pleasure was so intense, it almost felt too overwhelming to bear.

Suddenly, Frank let out a loud grunt as his body tensed up.

“Oh fucking yes,” he growled.

Michelle held me tight in her bosom as my body shook and I felt the tremors of another orgasm wash over me.

“That’s a girl… Cum for me,” she whispered in my ear as she held me.

Frank pulled away, and I felt my body relax as we all sat there in the warm water, our skin slick with sweat.

Michelle moved closer and kissed me, her lips gentle and passionate. I felt my body shudder with pleasure as we kissed, and soon I was lost in a blissful state of pure pleasure.

We held each other for what felt like hours, our bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. The experience was so intense that it felt like I had been transported to another world.

Eventually, we all made our way back to our rooms, with both Frank and Michelle giving me a gentle kiss goodbye.

As I lay in my bed that night, I felt my body tingle with pleasure as I replayed the events of the evening in my mind. I had never felt such pleasure before, and I knew this was an experience I would never forget.

The next day, I woke up feeling both content and exhausted. I felt a sense of peace and satisfaction. The anger and rage I had felt the night before were gone.

That morning at breakfast, Michelle and Frank walked by our table and gave me a warm greeting. My befuddled husband’s expression was priceless.

“How do you know them?” he inquired.

“Just friends I met while you were passed out drunk last night.” I refused to tell him anything else–why should I?